Welcome to…
The Universal Brotherhood!

The Universal Brotherhood (TUB) is an inspired fraternal forum for evolutionary men who are actively committed to the concepts of Strength, Wisdom, Integrity, Prosperity and Compassion as foundations for exceptional, authentic, masculine be-ing.

Members of TUB are committed to supporting one another in the pursuit of personal excellence, professional success, and wholistic well-being.

As an evolving international organization, The Universal Brotherhood aspires to reflect and celebrate the dynamic diversity of positive men of all races, cultures, nationalities and creeds. Moreover, TUB is an intergenerational platform that was created to provide adult members of all ages with the opportunity to share the very best of their energy and acumen with one another. In order to help younger men realize their highest potential then, The Universal Brotherhood appreciates the importance of sage mentorship and actively encourages its more experienced members to provide sage counsel for those who have not seen or done as much.

Apolitical, non-religious, socially-conscious, familial, and humanitarian, The Universal Brotherhood exists to support a global community of intrepid men as leaders in creating exceptional lives for themselves, while realizing their full potential to help build a better world.

 United We Stand Higher!